Mattyy Simpson Photography Privacy Policy

Thank you for reading my privacy policy, you are free to use this website without the need to provide any personal data. If you wish to enquire with me about a service I provide then some processing of personal information will be necessary.

Who is collecting and accessing your data and why?

I am the only person who has access to this data and it is only collected so I can contact you through out the time I’m contracted as your photographer. It will not be used after your final products have been delivered, I won’t use your personal data to advertise other services to you and I won’t share it to 3rd parties.

What data is being collected?

The personal data I collect directly through my contact forms is Name, Home Address, Email Address, Mobile Number, Event Date & Times.

The personal data I collect anonymously may include IP address, country you are visiting my site from and whether you using a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Is your data safe?

When you enter your details on my website you can be assured it is protected as my site uses SSL which means it remains private. You can check this by looking out for the little padlock near the address bar on your internet browser. As with most modern technologies there are times where even the best security systems are compromised by 3rd parties so whilst I strive to keep your data safe I can not guarantee its security 100%, therefor any information you input you do so at your own risk.

Who has access to my private gallery?

Where you are provided with a password to your online private gallery you are solely responsible for who and where it is shared to. I will only share the password with the booking client. This means no family member or friends of yours will have access even if they contact me.

I will continue to review this Privacy Policy to keep it up to date with how I use personal data. If you wish to contact me with any concerns then you can email me at

This Privacy Policy was updated in June 2019