Die No More EP Launch

It's been a while since I photographed a live music event and so I asked the local band to Penrith, Die No More if they minded me coming along to snap some shots of their EP launch at the Brickyard in Carlisle. The night included a couple of support bands including Hellion Rising who are another local Carlisle band.

It's weird how doing more and more photography work throughout the years makes you more confident at capturing great images even if you don't get to practice that particular type of photography. For me in the early days I wanted to be a full time music photographer but quickly realised that it doesn't pay well, most bands are on tight budgets and aren't willing to shell out much money for photos when the next guy gives them out for free. Music photography was put on the back burner, I got the odd job here and there from bands wanting promo shots but nothing major.


Other than Keswick mountain Festival I haven't been to many live music events but festivals aren't nearly as challenging as darkly lit clubs. It goes to show that photography skills apply no matter what environment and no matter what the talent it be it a bride in a dark room lit by a slither of window light or a guitarist swinging around on stage with a single red spotlight on half of his face. It's knowing how to use that available light to capture truly amazing images.