Short Update for the New Year

So here we are in 2015! Last year flew by with lots of new exciting things for me & photography, hopefully this year is going to be packed with even more. I had a quiet end to the year over Christmas and my social media was inactive, but there will be new pictures coming over the next few weeks.

Bad news did hit with in the first week when I was gearing up to go on a walk. My trusted 5D mark 3 decided it didn't like taking pictures any more, just before we were heading out the door! Nightmare. It was making mechanical noises but refusing to show anything but an error message. So it was wrapped up in literally a huge roll of bubble wrap and squeezed into (there was no room for it to rattle around!) a strong box and shipped off to get repaired under warranty. I didn't want the post office to take it off me and I want it back NOW. I don't even have a time frame on when it will be back which makes me sad :(

So the old canon 600D came out on the walk, luckily I had a battery tray that could use AA batteries as it's rechargeable ones were dead. What are the chances... I was stressed out at this point and didn't feel like going for a walk but when I managed to get a camera on and working we left for Patterdale at the bottom of Ullswater. For the first 10 minutes of the walk I was probably a little bit moody with Ra as the 5D problem was on my mind. I decided to get the 600D out of the bag and get snapping to distract me. This was the first image I took, an area of a field that had been flooded and then frozen made a nice foreground for the misty mountains in the background and with the golden sun reflecting down on the ice. It made the picture warm which contrasted with the ice.

Further along the walk there were lots of opportunities to get a glimpse of the Inn on the Lake, which is a very picturesque hotel used for weddings down on the lakeside. Stopping at one point to look across at the hotel I noticed the moss on the dry stone wall looked like a small forest, which set up for the next shot. "Landscape with in a Landscape" is the caption I used on the Facebook page as the moss on the round stones create a mountainous foreground with the real mountains being out of focus in the rear of the image.

By this point the sun was rapidly disappearing as we were getting to the furthest point of the walk: Silver Point. We stopped for a late lunch and whilst we were there I set the tripod up to get some long exposures looking over to where Aira Force is. The last of the golden sunlight was falling on the trees that surround the waterfall, the other areas around Aira Force were very cold looking which looked amazing. Combining the golden sunlight with a long exposure to add movement to the clouds & smooth out the lake, it created a stunning image that I am very happy with. I named this one January Blues

After our lunch we headed up and over Silver Point heading back to the car, the light faded away and it became very grey and over cast so there no other photos, just snapshots. I enjoyed the walk and being able to share these three pictures and a little bit of my thought process into why I took them is fun. More walks are being planned in 2015 so there should be more blogs of this nature! The one thing that I have taken from this is, it's not the camera that creates the image, it's the user. My canon 600D isn't the best camera out there but after the 5D failed on me and I was forced to use it, I still managed to go out and create images that I love and I hope others love them too.

I do hope you enjoyed this little blog, didn't expect it to be as long as others but I got carried away! Till next time...