Re United

This past 2 months have been slow for me, with my camera going away to be fixed and it taking so long to be returned. There is some great news though, it's back in the safe hands of myself but not after the delivery driver left it on the doorstep! £2000 parcel left along with a fake signature, but luckily no harm done.

Took the camera on our walk up to Stickle Tarn near Ambleside and it felt totally alien to me. The camera had been reset to factory settings and although I had tweaked with them before setting off there were a few buttons that I hadn't altered to how they were. So I was sat by the tarn playing with the menu trying to get certain shortcut buttons back. We had our lunch whilst I snapped a few long exposures looking out over where we had come from. I love it when there is a few clouds in the sky and using long exposures allows the moving clouds to blur and create a soft whispy effect to them. Below is the contrasty black & white.

You might be wondering why there aren't people in the picture, and although it was a busy day up at Stickle Tarn the technique of long exposure reduces the likely hood of people in the shot as they don't stay in one place long enough for the camera to register them on the sensor. I think I had to take 3 shots before I was happy as there was one woman in a bright red jacket who wasn't moving very much from one spot so it created a red ghost like mark on the image and I like to get the image as best I can in the camera rather than rely on photo editing to remove such artefacts. 

The journey down seemed just as hard as going up as i hadn't been out walking in such a long time and my ankle was starting to hurt so I was having to choose my footing more carefully to suit my pathetic limp I had acquired. Snow rushed in to the valley and in a matter of seconds it was misty white which was a surprise as it was a nice sunny day at the Tarn. This is the colour version of the picture above as the vote was tied when posted on Facebook

Other big events are I have a new computer! I've made the transition from PC to Mac and so far I love it. I'm learning the controls but it's getting to the point I can edit photos faster than on my old PC. The Macbook Pro has an SSD drive which enables the programs like Photoshop and Lightroom load instantly where previously they took a few minutes. Other spec just to be a bit nerdy is 2.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 Turbo Boost up to 3.7GHz and 16gb of RAM which allows the mac to deal with large tasks, great for large panoramas as my old laptop maxed out of RAM on a few occasions. It's making my photo editing workflow so much easier and faster, I can't believe I haven't made the switch earlier.

This month is the start of the down hill biking season which has come round so fast, it doesn't seem that long ago that I was at the end of season race in Fort William in the blistering sun (yes sun in Scotland!). I was only at two last year due to settling down with new work but this year I will be trying to get to all Scottish Downhill Association (SDA) races with a super secret project which will be revealed soon enough! Till next time :)