Matt & Leah's relaxed wedding at Wylam Brewery in Newcastle | Previews | Mattyy Simpson Lake District Wedding Photographer

Leah contacted me about her wedding photography back in July 2017 and when the details came through about the venue I did what everyone does and opens up google for a quick look and I was stunned, it looked amazing! Wylam Brewery is not quite your ordinary wedding venue with the building having it's own brewery attached to the side (hence the name) but it is also settled in the middle of a huge parkland in the middle of a city. The grand hall is an octagon shaped room with huge windows circulating the top section which allows for so much natural light to spill into the hall making it perfect for photographs. Out the front of the building there is a huge pond, along with many winding paths through the park, so many photo opportunities that I was excited for this wedding well over a year before it happened.

Fast forward to May where I met up with Matt & Leah for their engagement photoshoot and we met up in Leah's home town of Keswick which is where she met Matt working at Siennas. We headed on up to the stone circle where I got them both used to the camera and posing techniques before driving down the road to surprise view which looks over Keswick and Derwent Water. They were both naturals in front of the lens and as they chatted away the photos I was capturing looked amazing. We further discussed their wedding plans in more detail and what they had sorted for the big day and they were pretty much organised with just under 3 months to go.

3rd of August came around fast and as we left the hotel to drive to Leah's house the heavens opened up to unleash a torrent of rain coupled with a few outbreaks of thunder and I was hoping she wasn't too worried about the weather but it turned out she was excited for lightning! The morning was very relaxed with the bridal party all enjoying glasses of prosecco chatting away about the day to come, the excitement soon ramped up when the wedding cars turned up on the drive. We made our way to the venue and whilst driving along the park road up to the brewery it took you away from the hustle and bustle of the cities busy traffic.

Before going in Leah wanted a photo of the bridal party peering out from the pillars before they all took shelter from the rain inside the main lobby. It was a humanist ceremony held by Matt's father with readings from their close friends one in particular story was an adaptation of the Lonely Dinosaur with references to Matt & Leah and how they met. After the ceremony had finished the rain still hadn't eased off so guests lined the lobby area for a "confetti" photo but using bubbles. It was lovely to see a mix of all ages having so much fun blowing bubbles to fill the walkway and to capture the emotion is such a delight. Finally the sun broke through the cloud just in time for formal photographs and stayed shining for the remainder of the day allowing me to capture some gorgeous intimate shots of the couple later on in the golden light.

The venue is certainly amazing and for anyone looking for something a little bit different and you love beer then Wylam Brewery certainly ticks that box, we were even allowed to get some shots inside the brewery itself with the huge industrial tanks used in the process of making beer which is not something you get at every wedding!

I have to thank Matt & Leah for inviting me to capture their day it was an absolute pleasure, and I hope you all enjoy the set of previews below, I can't wait to finish editing the rest and get them delivered to the new Dr & Mrs Selby :)