Wooly Cushions

Lately I've been taking photos of wool rugs for Ra and her new business Crafts by Ra. They have had numerous locations as a backdrop from around the Lake District but today was different. She had just finished a new product, a cushion woven from wool and with the weather we had today I couldn't not take a photo outside. 


I was using the 5D mark 3 with the 24-70mm with a circular polarising filter. The polarising filter is to cut down on the glare on surfaces due to the strong sunlight we had and it also darkens the sky to give a lovey deep blue that almost looks false, in fact this photo took very little editing to get it to this. The only editing I did was taking the highlights down slightly to take even more glare off the labels so you can see the logo and name of the business. I originally wanted to use a longer focal length to compress the back ground and focus more on the product but I opted for a low and wide angle but to get really close to the product to still make them fill the frame but allow the background to be included as the deep blue and dark shades of green contrast well with the grey Herdwick colours in the product. The photo from the camera is below... 

Thank you for reading and hope you liked the breakdown of how the shot was taken.