End of SDA Season

So the end of the SDA season has arrived, was a brilliant season and the weather has been great every weekend for the races except for Inners. Only race I missed was at Fort William but I had been booked for Total Warrior photography so had to miss the one race.

Pitfichie was the destination of the last race and it ended in style. Slalom/4X style racing on the Saturday night was entertaining with the elite riders lacing the grassy hill side with washing up liquid and water creating all sorts of carnage on the final corner.

I have just ran a competition and looking forward to 2016 SDA the winner was Gavin Taylor who won a season photo pass which gives him all photos I take of him next year for free. He is a local rider and was delighted to hear the news, but initially he thought he had just won a single photo so I think he was rather shocked when he realised he had the photo pass. I look forward to see what this lad does next year as he is very talented.