It's October but lets have a catch up...

This is my first blog I have EVER wrote so bare with me! I thought I needed to write down everything I am doing because I don't like Facebook for this stuff as nobody ever sees Facebook posts due to the new algorithm they have imposed on pages and although people love my work when they do get to see it in their news feed, it's only a flash in the pan.

So I have been going solo with my photography work since March 2014 which is 7 whole months... Wow. I can't believe how much time has passed but I think it's got something to do with my love for my job. Photography. What photography do I do during the week? It never goes on my site or Facebook due to it being commission based work. Essentially my job is going and taking pictures of cars at dealerships. Two things I love rolled into one job, I really did land on my feet with this opportunity! Plus it is the first job I have had that I don't have to work weekends, which allows me to get the free time to book jobs or just go out and shoot what I want to shoot which I am thrilled about. 8 years of working weekends really did suck.

Since being on my own with work I have managed to get to sporting events such as the SDA (Scottish Downhill Association) races. I enjoy mountain biking and my sister who hasn't been riding bikes for very long but has jumped head first into the sport and races in the SDA and persuaded me to go to one and shoot. I loved it, there is some skilled riders out there and it's brilliant to capture their energy in a photograph whipping bikes of jumps and flying down rock gardens all in aid of shaving off seconds. I was hooked. So I made the long trip up to Fort William for the final. No camping though, so converted the civic into a camper car. Back seats down with a lot of duvets and pillows. It did the job but is 2015 calling for some sort of van conversion?!

So we are in the last quarter of the year, people are already counting down to Christmas and it's only October! This month was kicked off with a Christening for little Evie Grace Gale at Skelton. This was my first Christening and I was more nervous for this than I was for my first wedding. I guess it was because this was a paid job for people I didn't know but also a new subject. The day went very smoothly and I love the pictures I captured, I hope they will be treasured by Lizzi, David and Evie when she's grown up.

The following weekend I was booked to shoot the Newton Rigg Companion Dog Show. I turned up early and found there was already a number of dogs and owners walking around the stalls. Time to get some candid shots of dogs. All kinds of breeds large and small, old and young. Some familiar breeds like Boxers, Spaniels, German Shepherds but also some less well known breeds one being the ever so lovely Toby a Golden Tibetan Terrier.

Toby - 1 year old Tibetan Terrier

Toby - 1 year old Tibetan Terrier

The show was kicked off with a very lively demonstration in the ring by the Clever Dog duo Jen and Holly Cartmel displaying obedience of their dogs to a high standard. After this there was a short break and then the first class was called forward. Prettiest bitch. There was so many dogs the ring was bursting, How was I going to take clean portraits of the dogs? I think I got 70% of the dogs in the ring before judging was over and winners were brought forward. The following classes weren't so busy which made my job much easier and I could talk to the owners about their pooches which is part of the job I enjoy. It was a long day of classes and ended with a agility display from the organiser Leanne Pattinson and her dog Baily. This event was a fund raiser for the students at Newton Rigg for a trip to Bolivia to help rehabilitate wild animals. I feel this is such a good cause that I agreed to donate a proportion of photo sales to the students to help them raise the funds. It would be a great opportunity for them and one of those "once in a lifetime" type of trips.

So that has brought this first blog up to speed with what has happened in the last 7 months of Mattyy Simpson Photography going full steam ahead. Here's to many more!