About Matty

Hi I'm Mattyy Simpson, I'm from the Lake District in Cumbria and I've loved taking photos for many years, my photography journey started when I was a little boy and being taken all over the UK to horse events when my mum and sister would compete.

My Mother had an old olympus camera which I was given to try and get photos of them both in action over the horse jumps. It took a while to get the hang of it as the camera had a long delay between the shutter being pressed and the camera actually taking a photo so there was a lot of shots early on that were missing a horse and rider! Teaching myself to time shots perfectly got me into sports photography, I loved perfecting the art of freezing a split second moment and creating amazing shots in a creative way.

This love for creating moments that would be treasured for years to come moved me onto weddings, there really is no way to describe the feeling of delivering stunning images to a couple from their big day and seeing their faces light up when they flick from one image to the next. I take pride in what I do from the preparation on the days leading up to the wedding to the day itself and the weeks following. The wedding day itself you may not notice me darting around in the background as I love to capture those candid shots of you and your guests, the natural smiles, laughs and the odd tear (of joy) here and there are what tells the story best. That's what wedding photography is about, telling a story, your story, a story of love between two people.


More about me...

Cameras go with me whenever and wherever I go, I'm always clicking away, documenting life as I go. Photographs mean so much to me, like I mentioned about my sports photography about capturing that split second moment, that moment can be cherished for years to come. When planning to propose to my now wife in Rome, I had to find a way to get the camera to take photos without me being behind the camera (which is where I feel most comfortable!). With my love for the ancient buildings in Rome, the most impressive being the Colosseum (in my opinion), I wanted that to be the backdrop for my proposal.

I knew Rachel wouldn't be suspicious as I always carry my camera and always try to get photos of us together so that part wasn't the problem, the problem was finding a spot that I could get the gigantic building in the frame! After walking around the area I settled on an area that wasn't too busy, after all I was going to be leaving my camera on a tripod on it's own. I set the camera & framed my shot and then set up the wireless remote up, this is what would trigger the camera whilst I was getting down on one knee. Long story short, she said yes after asking if I was being serious. I was over the moon, especially being a photographer and being able to document it with photographs, but everyone still asks if I got someone to take the photo for us!

Our wedding was in December 2017 and again being a photographer people ask who I was getting to do the photographs, most then asked if I was doing them myself! The answer is sadly (thankfully) no, I took a long time to find our photographer because I'm fussy & stubborn with a little bit of OCD thrown in for good measure when it comes to photographs and I like a certain style of editing, this is shown in my portfolio - I like contrasty and punchy images that look bold. I didn't want to worry about photographs on mine and Rachel's big day and wanted to feel relaxed in knowing a photographer I hand picked was handling that side of things, I didn't even take a single photo (it was a nice day off!)

Soon after the wedding we headed out to Sri Lanka on a Safari/Tour for a week before relaxing on a beach for the second week, photographers dream! Sunsets, seascapes and safari <3. There are some updates over on the Facebook page if you want to see some more stuff - Mattyy Simpson Photography

Even more about me!

I’m impressed if you’ve read all the above and want to continue! So far you’ve learnt I’m married and the fact I love taking photos, just recently we had the arrival of our little baby boy, Elijah Frank Simpson.


My wife had an elective cesarean due to the little one being breach, it was the opposite of what she wanted in terms of birth! He arrived safely on the 8th April 2019 and although he may be small, oh my is he our whole world. It really is the best feeling holding him for the first time. Huge thanks goes to the theatre team in Carlisle hospital, they even let me take the camera into theatre (huge bonus points for that!).

I always thought I would be taking 1000s of photos of him but it’s one of those situations in life where experiencing events mean more than grabbing the camera and distancing yourself. I can now appreciate a phone camera for a quick “snap” of certain things, it’s less obtrusive.

I hope when he grows up he will be interested in cameras and photography like I was when younger!